It’s Dreamcast day! We are finally rolling out our brand new Dreamcast Collections!

The day finally came! We finally finished puting together the most impressive Dreamcast collections to date! You can pick how you’d like to play! The Retropie 4, Windows PC and TerraOnion MODE Library collections join our DCEMU Library collections to give you 4 different ways you can enjoy one of the most revered systems of all time!

Play on a Real Dreamcast

If you want to play on a real Dreamcast system, modded with either the DCEMU or TerraOnion’s MODE upgrades/attachments, you can pick the GDEMU Dreamcast Library, or the TerraOnion MODE Dreamcast Library. The DCEMU version is ready to play! Just put the microSD card on your DCEMU slot on the Dreamcast and start the system!

The TerraOnion MODE Library will require you to move the folders from the drive to the microSD card or the SSD hard drive you are using. We did that so we could include the entire Dreamcast library for you to pick what you want to play. Alternatively, you can request this collection to come on a SATA internal notebook 2TB drive and it will come ready to plug on your TerraOnion MODE to be played for an extra cost, please contact us for details. All games come organized in folders and on the file format that the MODE recognizes, so you can be playing them in no time!

Play on the Raspberry Pi 4

When everyone though it would not be possible to play Dreamcast games on a Raspberry Pi, the Pi 4 was released and with all that power, came the real possibility to play these games at a satisfactory speed. Now we are finally bringing the Dreamcast Collection for the Raspberry Pi 4 to life, with all the features and the attention to detail that you came used to with our previous Raspberry Pi collections!

Games are split into regions, or if they are Indie or even ports of other systems, such as the NEO-GEO, the Atomiswave or the PC! Enjoy the best the Dreamcast has to offer with all repeat games by region removed, so you’ll get 700+ titles which consist of a pretty clean set of the entire Dreamcast library.

Play on the Windows 10 PC!

Recently a new front-end was unveiled, and it quickly became our go-to front-end for emulating on the PC! It’s RetroBat, a front end that runs on top of EmulationStation and Retroarch in the same vein as the Retropie for the Raspberry Pi micro computer boards, and it really allowed us to port almost immediately our Retropie work including games collections and artwork/videos to the PC! It works exactly as the Retropie but on a Windows environment, and it works beautifully! Running it is as easy as double-click on an icon on the hard drive and start playing. We’ve been using the XBOX One controller with it and it’s perfect!

Our Dreamcast Plug-and-Play Collection has the advantage of taking all that PC power and allow you to play Dreamcast at full speed on a PC (Intel Core i5 or Ryzen 3 or above processors recommended).

Like on the Raspberry Pi version, games come in CHD format, to allow them to save room and load faster! However, because of the extra space of the 1TB hard drive, we can offer the entire library in this format to run on the PC, including literally every single thing that came out for the Dreamcast! It’s 1000+ titles ready to play on the PC!

Create Your Own Projects

The Dreamcast Library for TerraOnion Mode is a 2TB external hard drive that will include all games in either BIN+CUE format or CDi format, so this way, you can use these games on nearly all kinds of Dreamcast-related projects. It also includes all the artwork (boxart, logos and video previews) for the games, so you can make your own creations!

Compare all Dreamcast Collections

Take a look at all the Dreamcast offerings we have right now! We are sure to have something for you to enjoy! Just click on the link below:

All products are available RIGHT NOW! No pre-order! Just go to their pages and order now! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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