Each product type in our store enjoys a different type of refund and return policy, however, these apply to all orders:

– You can request a full order refund before your item ships, up to 24 hours after you place your order. If you order an item in the morning and it ships during the day, you can’t request a cancellation for a full refund at night, because the item likely already shipped. In any other case, if the item did not shipped yet, you have 24 hours after your order to request a cancellation for a 100% refund on your order.

– After the first 24 hours and after the product ships, refunds can be granted on items that are eligible for a return and a refund. In that case, all refunds with have the shipping costs, plus 15% restocking fee deducted from the amount to be refunded, again, if the product is eligible for a refund. If product was ordered with “free shipping”, actual shipping costs will be also deducted from the refund.

Raspberry Pi / Retropie microSD Collections
We do not accept any returns or refunds on Retropie collections on microSDs. The reason being that those are extremely easy to backup, and nothing prevents anyone to make a copy of our product and then return the original sent for a full refund. If your microSD card is defective, we will replace the microSD card for you at no extra cost, however. Just contact us and we will request some verification on the issue, and if we conclude the card is clearly defective, you can send it back to us so we can make another one and ship it back to you. The defective rate on these cards is really really low, and every 300 orders shipped in average, we see one item might arrive defective to you, due to shipping conditions, so that’s a pretty rare occurrence. We test extensively each card before shipment, and all cards will ship in both a DVD case with a cover and in a special microSD clear case that provides extra protection to the card.

Original Retro Games, Consoles and Accessories
If you ordered one of those original products, you can return them up to 7 days after receiving them, with a 15% restocking fee and the shipping costs deducted from the original amount paid, provided that the item is returned in the same condition it was received. Games that come with manuals and cases, must have its original manual and case. Discs can’t be scratched, and factory sealed products can only be returned if they are still factory sealed and in mint condition. If the original shrink wrap is removed from the game, accessory or console it looses market value and can’t be accepted anymore for a refund.

We test all vintage products extensively before shipment, but if you received a defective item, you can return it in the same condition you’ve received it, within 24 hours upon receipt, for store credit on another similar item. Each case will be evaluated in a case-by-case basis so we encourage you to test all items within 24 hours of receipt and contact us if you see any issues, then contact us so we can arrange the return. Buyer pays for the cost of the the return, and we pay for the cost to send him/her another item.

Each vintage product sold on the website is not only tested extensively, but it’s also photographed in several different angles, showing it’s condition on it’s entirety, so when you purchase, what you see is what you get. If the item, or the original item package, box, cover or manual has any flaws, it will be listed on the product page and pictures will show it, so, again, you know what you are getting and by purchasing it, you agree with it’s general condition.

Magazine and eBook DVDs
We don’t accept any returns of refunds on Magazine and eBook DVDs. Again, like the microSDs, those are extremely easy to copy, so we will never accept any returns on these items. If a DVD is defective, contact us within 24 hours of receipt of the item, and we will ship a replacement DVD for you. Before you issue a complain, make sure you test the DVD on several different computers, to make sure the issue is with the DVD and not with the DVD drive that is trying to read it.

Mini Retropie / Raspberry Pi Consoles
Mini consoles built with the Raspberry Pi use only brand new parts and are fully assembled and tested before shipment. We don’t accept returns and don’t process refunds on mini consoles. These are custom built on a order per order basis and all parts are purchased and unpacked for assembly, therefore they are not returnable. If your mini console does not work properly after you receive it, please request an RMA so we can take it back, fix the problem and ship it back to you at no extra cost. Please Note: Mini Retropie Consoles are custom built with a number of parts, and it might take longer to put them together than the usual for any other order. Please allow 7 to 30 days for the item to be shipped. If you requested any customizations, it might take 45 days to ship your order. We don’t accept cancellations during this period. You’ll be informed by mail about the progress of your order.

If for some reason, you receive a broken console or a console that does not work because it looks like it was damaged during shipment, we must submit a claim to the shipping company. All shipments for Mini Consoles are covered with insurance, and if you received a broken item, please contact us immediately and save the original packaging, including the mailing box, so we can submit a successful claim. After the claim is processed and we receive the insurance from the Post Office, we will refund you the total amount of your order, or build another console for you. If in this case you prefer your money back, we will deduct the original shipping costs, which are not covered by the insurance.

Library and RetroBat Hard Drives
These terms covers any hard drives from 1 TB and above. Hard drives are custom made for the customers, depending on content, updates and what is available at the time they are purchased. Since we strive to send our customers the best product possible, Hard Drive content, even if you purchase them without any special content requests, may take a long time to be prepared and shipped. Hard Drives are also expensive and not easy to be returned, so Hard Drive orders cannot be cancelled, or refunded, except under special circumstances, those being: 1 – We notify you that the order is not possible to be completed due to the lack of a compatible hard drive on the market, or its price exceeding the price paid on the order, in that case, we will refund your order 100% right after you are notified; 2 – You regret placing an order, and you wish to cancel immediately, in that case, make sure you contact us within the next few hours after placing your order. If we have ordered a new drive for your order, we will not be able to cancel it, so timing is key in this situation. In any other case, we will not accept order cancellations on Hard Drives because you changed your mind, or got tired of waiting. IF we have not started working on your drive yet, but it was purchased already, we might accept an order cancellation if you pay a 15% restocking fee, and wait 30 days for the refund, since we will have to return the drive purchased for your order.

16TB Drives With added RetroGamesCloud access Addendum
For a limited time, we’ve offered our 16TB Library and RetroBat drives with a free Retro Games Cloud digital access. If you accessed the service and downloaded anything, your order can’t be cancelled under any circumstance. Any charge back attempt to orders of this nature will be fought with proof of the agreement you took to access the Cloud, and proof that you used the access to our server to download files.

Digital Goods
For any digital goods purchased at our store, there is no refund. If your digital purchase does not meet your expectations, we will work with you to make it right. Please do not share your unique digital download link. If we suspect the link is being abused, your access will be removed without any further notice and no refunds will be given.

Any other type of refund or return will be analyzed in a case-by-case basis, and we will always work with the customers so they can be fully satisfied with their purchase.


In rare cases, customers may decide to file for a chargeback on their purchase. We’ve actually had a couple of individuals trying to scam us right after we shipped their orders in the past, filing chargebacks to try and get both product and money back. Some just get tired of waiting for our awesome products for some reason and decide to “call their bank” and do the same, sometime without any warning or notice.

To protect us in the event of a chargeback, we’ve designed some special rules. You can find below these special rules we have in place for chargeback attempts for orders placed on our site:

Rule #1 – We will dispute every single chargeback attempt, including the ones where the customer has their refund request denied and their item is being prepared / is in production; is ready to be shipped or shipped already. Again, we will fight every single chargeback attempt, no matter the reason;

Rule #2 – We will contact you once after we are notified of the chargeback by our financial institution, just in case you filed it by accident, or you regretted and want to keep the order. If you don’t respond in 24 hours, we will stop all communications and we will prepare the case to be disputed, including e-mails, the order, delivery confirmation, terms and conditions and everything that proves that we followed what was promised when you placed the order at our website;

Rule #3 – If your order was ready to be shipped or was in production, we will stop it’s production or shipment immediately, until the chargeback is resolved. If you filed the chargeback by accident, or you wish to cancel it, and retract the chargeback with your institution, we will resume the shipment and/or production after the bank released the funds back to us. If you decide to continue with the dispute, please look at Rules #4 and #5;

Rule #4 – In every dispute, the banks will put the funds for your transaction on hold, until it is resolved. After that and we submit our defense, a chargeback might take months to resolve. In almost all cases, we can prove we are not in the wrong, even when the order was not delivered yet, since the banks will go by our policies above, and we will ultimately win the case, returning the funds back to us. We are a very small operation, and having funds being held like that for such a long time can be damaging to our operations and affect orders from other customers, so again, we will fight these with everything we can;

Rule #5 – Due to the stressful situation that a chargeback ensues, if you file a chargeback and you don’t retract it timely, we will consider your order as forfeited after we submit our defense to the banks. If you win, you will get your money back after a few months of bank review of the case. If we win, your order will be considered as forfeited and we will keep the funds to cover the damages caused by the chargeback attempt. We will not ship any product to you, after you loose. You will also be prevented from purchase anything else from our website. If you have access to our cloud server, your access will be shut down permanently, even if you had other purchases there in the past. We treat chargebacks very seriously and a deal breaker on all fronts. We will also notify other partner websites (which might include sites that sell similar content, games, books, magazines, toys, collectibles, etc), providing your IP address and information so they are aware of your chargeback behavior and they also can make a decision whether or not they would like to sell anything to you online in the future.

Again, we provide an exclusive product that is prepared with the utmost care and is simply the best one you can find, so we will follow all our policies above very strictly, including the Chargeback policies, please be aware.