PS2 Complete USA Collection on Hard Drive Out Now!

Now available is the PS2 Hard Drive that so many customers have claiming for a while now! It’s the complete USA collection of PS2 ISOS (NTSC-U) in a 4TB hard drive.

Also in the drive, all the PS2 media (Snap Videos, Box Art), and a pre-setup PS2 Emulator and RetroBat Front-end for the PC. You can pretty much just plug the USB hard drive on your PC, start the Front-end and play, if your computer is powerful enough to run PS2 games.

These can also be used on a modded PS2 system. All ISOS come compressed into Gzip format.

We also added a number of transaltions, 480+ European titles, Japanese Exclusives and a few hacked PS2 games!

Click the link below to see more details and purchase the Hard Drive:

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