New Official Retropie 4.6 for Raspberry Pi 4 is out!

Yes, we were just informed about the release of the first official build of Retropie for the Raspberry Pi 4. This new version is guaranteed to have a lot of improvements over the experimental version of Retropie 4.5 we’ve been using on our Raspberry Pi 4 collections.

This means that starting now, all our Pi 4 collections will be ported to the latest official build, so if you purchase a Pi 4 item now, rest assured you’ll get it with the latest build!

This also means that finally we will be porting all the previous collections that were not on the Pi 4 yet to just that: Finally be available to our Pi 4 customers, collections like the PC-Engine and SEGA CD which are very sought after but were not yet available due to some issues with the experimental version of Retropie 4.5.

And finally, we will be able to bring some new collections exclusive for the Pi 4, collections with PSP and Dreamcast only games are in the works, and should be available soon, since those systems are running much better on the Pi 4 now, however, N64 runs a bit better but it’s still a somewhat of a disappointed, so it will not be featured on most collections. We are even thinking about removing all N64 stuff from all collections that have it altogether, since it is still gonna take some time to have this system properly emulated on a Raspberry Pi.

Another cool “side effect” of the latest Pi version is being able to have newer arcade machines emulated at near perfection, like Sammy’s Atomiswave and SEGA’s Naomi. Keep an eye on our news section and on our store for the latest stuff coming out soon!

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