Introducing the Amiga Retropie Collection

We are proud to *finally* introduce the release of our Amiga Retropie Collection! With 2000+ WHDLoad games, split into ECS/OCS (Amiga 500), AGA (Amiga 1200), CDTV and Amiga 32 sections. All in a custom and exclusive Amiga theme that will make any Commodore Amiga fan have that awesome nostalgia feeling when browsing through the list of games available to be played!

We’ve designed an exclusive theme for the Amiga Collection, and depending on the system you want to look at, the menu will look different, bringing back that old Workbench feeling. When you start a game, you’ll see a splash screen that is faithful to what you saw every time you booted your Commodore Amiga to play a new game from Floppy, or CD-ROM in the case of the CD32 and the CDTV.

A keyboard and mouse is necessary to play most of the games, as well as at least a two-button controller, so we recommend you plug those in your Pi when playing with this collection to fully enjoy it!

Versions Available

You can pick the collection in 4 different “flavors”:

Physical Pi 3B/3B+ Version
Physical Pi 4/400 Version
Digital Pi 3B/3B+ Version
Digital Pi 4/400 Version

As always, the physical versions of the collection come with a digital download included as well, so you can get the physical collection today, and while you wait, you can download it, flash on a spare 32GB card and start playing today!

Also, with the release of the Pi 400, the stand-alone Raspberry Pi 4 computer with keyboard and mouse, we’ve updated the collection with Retropie 4.7.1, and it now works perfectly on the unit, so just stick your card in the Pi 400, turn it on and enjoy Amiga instantly!

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