Great news for Arcade 1UP Modders: We’ve got the Raspberry Pi collections you need right now!

The outpouring of classic gaming lovers that have purchased an Arcade 1UP cabinet to mod is increasing every day! We started to offer a version of our Arcade 32 Retropie collection with 2422 arcade machines in Arcade 1UP form a couple months ago by customer’s requests and after that it seems that the seek for collections to be used on a modded Arcade 1UP cabinet increased exponentially!

The requests to have our Ultimate 128 and Supreme 400 collections adapted to support Arcade 1UP’s screen size piled up, and after some research, we are now including an exclusive Arcade 1UP theme on both Ultimate 128 and Supreme 400 collections, however, you will still need to remove the game bezels from the games and systems yourself. We are giving everyone the option to request us to remove these bezels from the images and setup the Arcade 1UP Theme as the default on the microSD card, before shipment.

One thing that came up to us while working on this is that these collections have too many computer games that need either a keyboard or a mouse to both being played or just start a game. The only computer system whose majority of games will work with a game pad are the MSX games, so we decided to create a collection tailored exclusively for Arcade 1UP modders, and we came up with the Optimum 256!

On the Optimum 256 we’ve removed all computer games, but a few MSX classics that will run with a two-button game pad only. So, Amiga, Commodore 64, Amstrad, ZX Spectrum and others were removed from the images, which gave us more room for even more console games.

Also removed were the Atari 5200 games, because those need a keyboard to start, and the N64 games which have very poor emulation both on the Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 4 versions. The end result is that the Optimum 256 includes most of the Supreme 400 collection, less these systems. Finally, we’ve added some of the best “arcadey-style” PlayStation games, and the Optimum 256 is a dream come true for all Arcade 1UP Users. The collection comes completely removed from bezels, and with 5:4 aspect ratio themes for your Arcade 1UP Vertical screen. You can order it for both the Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ and the Raspberry Pi 4.

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