The “Retropocalypse” has come to Etsy stores! No more Raspberry Pi images on Etsy!

Yes, the time finally arrived. Etsy, removed all our listings from their site, but not only ours, but pretty much anyone else that was selling Raspberry Pi images, Arcade 1UP cards, and anything emulation related as well. Whether they made the right decision, or why they decided to do this after a such a long time allowing it, will probably remain a mystery.

It’s likely some big company like Nintendo or Sony got in touch with them and pressured them to remove everything, but the reality is that from the beginning, all these listings were somewhat uinfringing their policies, so it’s understandable that all of them got removed at the same time, unlike eBay that removed our listings in March 2019, while keeping everyone else there. Even some people that copied our collections, are still there.

So, we’ve been offering our collections on our own website on and off the past few months, and after things really picked up at Etsy with nearly 10 sales a day, we’ve removed them from our site, so we could cope with the demand. Now, were are working to add them back to our site, using a different platform for the sales, and, hopefully making it more intuitive. Keep an eye on our articles to be on the up and up on our new collections and when everything will be available here!

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