Terraonion Super SD System 3 Pre-loaded microSD Card with Complete PCE Library Now Out!

By request of some of our customers, we’ve decided to put together a new collection for those that own a Terraonion Super SD System 3 attached to their PC-Engine or TurboGrafx 16 but are having trouble finding the right games to play on it!

It is fairly easy to find HuCard ROM images online. They are everywhere, and they don’t take too much space, but when it comes to the CD-ROM games, the story is completely different. It might be impossible, or extremely time consuming to get all those ISO images together to use in emulators, flash carts or to put together a Retropie image.

Our Retropie PC-Engine / TG-16 Collection that was available earlier this year has all these games, however, the CD-ROM images are compressed using CHDMAN to make them smaller and easier to manipulate on Retropie, and the CHD format is not compatible with Flash carts, nor it can be used to burn the image on a CD-R. It is only useful on emulators, and even so, not all of them will recognize a CHD image. Gladly Retropie / EmulationStation does, and we could cram 815 games into a 128GB microSD card with Retropie, however, for the Terraonion we need the CD-ROM images to be in BIN+CUE or ISO+CUE format, otherwise the system does not recognize the games.

So here it is! This collection has all CD-ROM games uncompressed and ready to use on a Terraonion SSDS3 FPGA cart, in the PC with emulators, or to just burn them into a CD-R to play on a real CD-ROM unit for the PC-Engine / TG-16, since those run backups without the need of any modifications.

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