How to Enable “Favorites” and “Last Played” on Retropie

If you got one of our microSD cards pre-loaded with Retropie, you probably got it with the “Favorites” and “Last Played” disabled or just hidden. Only the “All Games” comes selected on most of our images. We do that to unclutter the interface and let the customer go straight to the games, but many customers ask about these options, and it’s easy to just enable them back on.

First boot into your Retropie microSD card. You should boot right into the “Retropie” or “Options” option in the menu highlighted.

To add the “Favorites” and “Last Played” hit START on your controller to pull out the MAIN MENU.

Once there, move up and down to change the selection, and go to GAME COLLECTION SETTINGS and press “A” on your controller. Once there, you’ll see the first option is “AUTOMATIC GAME COLLECTIONS”, and it will say “1 SELECTED”. Hit “A” again to change the selections.

On the SELECT COLLECTIONS you can then enable or disable any Automatic Game Collections you want on your Retropie installation.

Use up and down to move the selection and hit “A” on the option you want to enable or disable.

After you are done, select BACK a couple times to get back to the MAIN MENU. Hit “B” to exit the MAIN MENU and come back to the front end to select games.

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