Welcome the RetroGames Cloud! Unlimited Retro Gaming for a lifetime!

Have you ever wanted to have all of Retro Gaming content in one place, where it is easy to get what you need to build your own collections, or use the ones we have already built for you? Get not only all ROMs you can, but also artwork (Screenshots, box art, flyers, adverts), videos (previews, reviews, TV shows, documentaries and commercials) and even publications (books, magazines, instruction manuals)?

If you tried to build your own custom setup, you know how hard it is. Or if you are just a Retro lover that enjoys the history, the artwork and tons of information about games and systems, you know how hard it is to go after all that.

What if there was one place where you could get it all?

This place is here! Welcome to the RetroGames Cloud!

What is the RetroGames Cloud?

The RetroGames Cloud is a retro gaming and computing preservation initiative whose objective is to put together in only one place everything you’ve ever wanted. We’ve been working for over 20 years to gather all this content to share it with you.

What’s in there?

We know how important it is to preserve the history of computer, console and handheld gaming, and preserve all that does not mean to have all the ROMs for the system so people can play them only. We believe in preserving EVERYTHING: Box art, advertisements, posters, magazines, instruction manuals, labels, commercials… the history of the whole thing!

To have all that is not an easy task. New stuff show up every day. New games, newly scanned materials, better quality videos…

And that’s exactly what we are offering here. The entire history! You’ll be able to not only get our ready to play game packs for the various front-ends available (RetroPie, RetroBat, LaunchBox, Lakka, Batocera…), but also all that content so you can make your own collections, or just enjoy looking at.

But that’s not all. New content is added daily. Right now there is nearly 10TB of data in there, there’s still about another 20TB to go. We upload daily, and whenever there’s a revision on a game pack, we’ll upload it!

How Can I Access it?

You can sign-up for it right here, and we will send you your access to start downloading immediately. You can download content through the browser, or you can use FTP (recommended if you are outside the United States).

I am not sure if I want this, can I take a look at it?

For the first time, we are offering you the possibility to enter the RetroGames Cloud and take a look inside! You can have access for 2 hours for free and browse through everything that is in there and download whatever you want within these two hours!

This way you can test the download speeds, see all the content available, try some of that content, and decide for yourself if you want to pay to have unlimited lifetime access to all of that!

Use The Form Below to Request Your Free 2-Hour Access to the Server

    I am a member now! What’s next?

    We are setting up a forum where all users of the cloud will be able to interact, exchange ideas and communicate with us in real time, with requests, suggestions, and even to submit and share content with all the other users.

    Terms and Conditions


    Payments are processed within 24 hours after you signup for the service.

    After the payment is processed you’ll received full unlimited lifetime access to your account. All credit card transactions are processed through a detailed fraud check. Your payment details such as billing address and IP Address are cross-checked to make sure this is not a fraudulent transaction before the card payment receives its final processing approval.

    If approved, you’ll receive your login credentials and instructions on how to use the cloud within a few hours by e-mail. Make sure you use a valid e-mail address when signing up and check your spam folder for messages from the Retro Games Cloud and/or Retro Mini Store.

    After signing up and receiving the login to access the cloud, you can view or download anything you see in our archive.


    By entering the Retro Games Cloud, you’ll have unlimited lifetime access to all our content on our cloud server. However, you might want to cancel your subscription due to external reasons. If you want to rescind your access, please get in touch by e-mail to us, and we will close your account effective immediately.


    If for any reason there is a chargeback on your payment, you’ll be notified and the access will be suspended until the issue is resolved. If there is not a solution to the chargeback, you’ll be placed on blacklist and will be prevented from signing up for any of services or purchase any items from the Retro Mini Store / Retro Games Cloud in the future.


    Regardless of the subscription type you have, you won’t be able to change any files on the server.

    Each customer can download only one file concurrently, at a time. All connections to the server are logged, and if we perceive any kind of abuse to the server, your account might be terminated with no refund to your original payment.

    If you have lifetime access and you are caught abusing the server, your account will be suspended for 24 hours on the first warning, 7 days on the second, and indefinitely on the third. We will not refund payments for suspended unlimited lifetime access accounts, however, you are still entitled to have all current content on an external hard drive you provide.

    PLEASE DON’T SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT. If we detect your account has been shared, we will terminate the account immediately, regardless of the type of access you’ve purchased, so please be warned. Don’t give away your login info to your friends or anyone outside your house. Don’t use VPN to download from our cloud or to sign-up for the service. Your account is linked to your IP address, so if we detect different IP addresses being used for the same account, we will suspend it and eventually terminate it, please be warned!

    Service Access Shutdown

    You are purchasing lifetime access to the service for as long as it is live. Our servers are up since 2019 and we are expecting them to be running for years to come, however, there is always the possibility of a take down for technical or other reasons. Please keep that in mind when you sign-up.

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