Welcome Our New Collections By Theme!

We are happy to announce that our first thematic collections for the Rapspberry Pi 4, Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ and Windows/RetroBat are available! Now you can enjoy your favorite type of classic games, and only them, on dedicated, exclusive collections!

Want to shoot some baddies from the sky? Pop our “Shoot ’em Up Collection”! Feeling like throwing some punches and cleaning the streets of bad guys? Insert the “Beat ’em Up Collection” on your Pi or Windows computer and you are ready to go! And there’s the #1 requested collection ever: A RPG collection with literally all RPGs made since “Adventure” on the Atari! American, European, Japanese, action, dungeon crawler, turn-based, medieval, futuristic, steam punk… they are all here! Literally THOUSANDS of hours of gameplay on RPGs alone!

All collections come with beautifully designed box art, on a card with a perfectly curated library of games from that genre and everything tested to play great on your system! You can use it on a regular TV, on a 4:3 or 5:4 monitor, or on a modded Arcade 1UP Cabinet! Quick instructions are also included on the box!

It took us a long time to have these sets ready, and they are finally here. For now, only physical versions are available, but we are preparing the digital downloads and they will be added to the libraries of the Full Digital Access for Retropie and RetroBat users

What’s Next?

If you remember correctly, we’ve planned several of those and we’ve announced them last year. Now, following our new policy of not offering anything unless it is ready to be flashed and shipped, we are not going to announce the next ones just yet, but I can say we are working on some Halloween, World Cup and Xmas tie-ins. The current 3 ones available for purchase were the most requested ones the past year, so we’ve dedicated more time on having them ready to provide an outstanding experience for our customers!

Click Here to See The Collections Available Now!

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