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Have you ever though about having everything that was released for SEGA consoles and arcades since the early 8-bit days up to the SEGA CD and SEGA 32X? If the answer is yes, this collection is for you. We’ve included everything – over 2,500 titles – on this collection, the definitive SEGA 8bit and 16bit collection for any SEGA fanboy! Also included are all SEGA arcade machines that are “emulatable”. Everything playable on the Raspberry Pi 4 and Pi 400 with our exclusive SEGA-style theme for the EmulationStation.

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This is the Raspberry Pi 4 version! If you want a Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ version, please click here.

Have you ever though about having everything that was released for SEGA consoles and arcades since the early 8-bit days up to the SEGA CD and SEGA 32X? If the answer is yes, this collection is for you. We’ve included everything – over 2,500 titles – on this collection, the definitive SEGA 8bit and 16bit collection for any SEGA fanboy!

Ready to travel through the history of one of the most relevant gaming companies of all time? From the early inception with the SG-1000 and the SC-3000 to the SEGA CD 32X, you’ll find it all on this collection, even the Arcade machines from the period! You’ll get a complete historic SEGA collection that runs perfectly on the Raspberry Pi 4 or the Pi 400!

→ The Collection Features

– Custom SEGA-style theme, to get you that SEGA feeling when browsing through the menu!

– A complete SEGA vintage systems collection. It’s the definitive collection of all the SEGA systems from the past you’ve ever wanted! A total of 2500+ games. Nearly all games work fine on the Raspberry Pi 4 or Pi 400.

– All games include boxart, or a mixart image, plus a 30 second video snap preview of the game play on the menu, so you can quickly sneak peek a game and decide if you want to launch it and play. Images are of high quality and will let you browsing for hours, so you can just check the artwork of some of those classics!

– As far as we are concerned, this is a complete SEGA collection from the early days of the SG-1000 up to the SEGA CD 32X. Every single game from this era is probably included, but if you have any questions about specific games, let us know.

→ Systems Included

SEGA SG-1000/SC-3000
SEGA Arcade Classics
SEGA Game Gear
SEGA Master System/Mark III
SEGA Mega Drive (Japanese)
SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive (USA/Europe)
SEGA Genesis Hacks
MSX 1 & 2 (SEGA titles released on the famous 80’s Japanese standard of computers)

→ What Do You Get With Your Purchase?

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  • Files for your purchase are compressed using 7zip, and split in volumes of either 700Mb or 4096Mb. Download all the files and use 7zip to uncompress them and create the image to be flashed on a microSD card. You’ll need a computer to do all that. Any computer will do.
  • Also available to download are manuals, guides, and all the tools you might need to use your digital purchase. Please read all instructions before starting.
  • Access to a history of versions of the collection you’ve purchased. We update our collections from time to time, with new games, artwork, video snaps and updated gameslist.xml files with more information about the games and a lot more. If you are not happy with the latest version, you’ll be able to get a previous version and try it. All files are clearly named so you can figure out which version you are downloading, plus the “whatsnew.txt” file have all the information for the versions available and their updates.

→ Digital Delivery Terms and Conditions


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You are entitled to download all and any versions of the collection or collections you purchased for as long as they are available on the server. Every time we update a collection, it will be uploaded to the server in 72 hours, and you’ll be able to download the latest, updated version. We will always try to keep the previous versions available on the server, at least for as long as we can. We might remove older versions from the server for various reasons, including the ones mentioned above.

Please note that the digital download items are the same as the physical ones we sell, and these were tested extensively and are known to work properly. That being said, please note that even though the vast majority of games included on the collection will work, we can’t guarantee specific games will work as intended, or will work at all.

If you have any issues with your purchase, let us know and we can work something out with you. We will always work with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase and that the image runs flawlessly for you.

→ Final Product Disclaimer

SD Card image is pre-loaded with RetroPie and Emulation Station which are Free and open source software. The included gaming software on this collection is either public domain, abandonware or is widely available in the Internet and it’s easy to find for free. You are only paying for the service which is the time we spent creating this image and setup, so you don’t have to rip your game CDs, ROM Cartridges or Arcade Boards yourself, neither look for the correct files to download.

You are not paying for any ROMS or ISOS included in this setup. By purchasing ANY items from us you are contractually agreeing to the rules mentioned below: 1. You own a license for any ROM / image you use. 2. You will NOT distribute any of these files illegally. 3. You can evaluate the games you don’t own for 24 hours and after that period, you must delete from the SD card any games you don’t own.

Printed materials were created by us, using logos and designs under fair use, including cover and instructions. Reproduction for resale of these items is not permitted.


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