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  • Retro Games Cloud – Ambassador Founder’s Access Package


    This program was created for the hard-core retro gamer that wants to have it all, forever! We have several terabytes of content to share on the Retro Games Cloud, and all this content will be fully available for our subscribers over time. We are adding new content daily and you can have it all with an Ambassador Founder’s Access Package.

    Instead of a monthly-based subscription that you have a limited time to get your content, and can cancel anytime, the Ambassador pays a one-time fee and have unrestricted content to everything, including content that is not even up yet, forever!

    Now, Ambassadors have the best perk of it all! Have the cloud content transferred to hard drives (provided by the customer) and shipped back to them with ALL our content if the server goes offline or the cloud is closed for any reason, or even if they decide to discontinue themselves their Ambassador accounts and move on. In all scenarios, all they need to do is send us storage media with return postage and we will add to it any portion of our content that they want, or all of it, for that matter.

    Also, Ambassadors have access to special content earlier. The Ambassador folder on the cloud has exclusive content not available for regular monthly subscribers! Some of these items will remain always exclusive to Ambassadors, other pieces will be added for them first exclusively, and then moved to the cloud where all monthly subscription users can enjoy it.

    Ambassadors also enjoy a few other perks, such as recommend and request content, early access to new and work-in-progress Retropie images created for the Retro Mini Store and a lot more!

    The Ambassador program will be available for sign-up for a limited time only, so if you are interested on this program, please get in as soon as possible. We have limited spots, so it will definitely not be available for new sign-ups forever.

    To get more information about the Retro Games Cloud, take a look at our Retro Games Cloud website, by clicking here!

    Please read our terms of service below before signing up for the service.