Mega SG Modding Service – Unlock Your Mega SG to Play ROMS!


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Want to Unlock your Mega SG and play the entire SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive / Master System / SG-1000 / SC-3000 and ColecoVision on your Mega Sg via the microSD card slot? We have the solution for you!

After you order our MEGA SG unlocking service, we will send you a SD card with the firmware update to flash the console yourself (alongside detailed instructions), and 10,000+ verified good ROMs to use on your newly flashed console! Complete SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, Master System, SG-1000, Game Gear and Coleco collections, ready to be played on the flashed MEGA SD Console.

Attention: NO ANALOGUE MEGA SG CONSOLE is included on this listing! Only the microSD card and the service.

Warning: Even though the process is very safe, there are risks including with the modding of your system. We can’t guarantee your system will be fully operational if something goes wrong with your system. That being said, we have not seeing any instances in which the console was not operational after the update was applied.

Shipping: We will ship the do-it-yourself and easy to use modding kit in a couple of days to you via first class mail with delivery confirmation.


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