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Get access to thousands of games and artwork to use on PC Emulators, Retropie, Modded Consoles and anywhere you want! Everything from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, whether it’s a console, computer or handheld, you’ll find it here! Plus thousands of preserved media files like vintage magazines, adverts, manuals, cover/box art, gaming and vintage computing documentaries, commercials and TV Shows, all organized in an easy way that you can view online or download from the cloud!

Sign-up now to get immediate access as soon as your payment is processed. The absolute best collection of retro gaming and vintage computing stuff ever put together digitally online.

To get more information about the Retro Games Cloud, take a look at our Retro Games Cloud website, by clicking here!

Please read our terms of service below before signing up for the service.

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Package Description

– Access to all our current content through the regular cloud access using your computer’s browser. No monthly limits to download, to wait times to download anything. Just login, browse and start using or downloading the content you want. New content is added daily and all the new content is fully available for subscribers.

– View, print or watch media files such as flyers, magazines and videos right on your browser, no need to download any media, if you don’t want to download it.

– Get access to a new Retropie image from Retro Mini Store every month, so you can flash and use on your own Raspberry Pi.

– Access to our exclusive blog with information on upcoming updates, added/removed files.

– You can cancel anytime. No long-term contracts.

Terms and Conditions

By ordering this monthly access package, you agree to the following terms and conditions below:


Payments are processed within 24 hours after you signup for the service.

After the payment is processed you’ll received access to your account. All credit card transactions are processed through a detailed fraud check. Your payment details such as billing address and IP Address are cross-checked to make sure this is not a fraudulent transaction before the card payment receives its final processing approval.

If approved, you’ll receive your login credentials and instructions on how to use the cloud within a few hours by e-mail. Make sure you use a valid e-mail address when signing up and check your spam folder for messages from the Retro Games Cloud and Retro Mini Store.

If you pick the monthly payment plan, you’ll be charged monthly on your due date, which is the same date as the date you subscribed. If you picked the Ambassador package, you’ll be charged only once. For the 3-month package, you’ll be charged every 3 months at the same rate you signed-up originally, and for the 12-month package, you’ll be charged every 12 months at the same rate you signed-up originally. If your card is expired, or not approved, you’ll be contacted to update your card on file so you can keep your subscription running.

After signing up and receiving the login to access the cloud, you can view or download anything you see in our archive.


In the event you decide to cancel your subscription, you must e-mail us at least 48 hours before your due date to request a cancellation of services so your card will not be charged for another month of services.

Your access will then be suspended and you’ll not be charged anymore. To restart service, you can just go ahead and purchase the access again.

Monthly Payment Failure

Monthly Subscribers Only

If for some reason your card fails processing on your due date, your access will be suspended, and you’ll be notified to replace the card. Access will not be restored until the issue is resolved. If you remain unresponsive for 30 days, your account will be removed from the system and you’ll have to do a new account to get back on the cloud in the future.


If for any reason there is a chargeback on your payment, you’ll be notified and the access will be suspended until the issue is resolved. If there is not a solution to the chargeback, you’ll be placed on blacklist and will be prevented from signing up for any services or purchase any items from the Retro Mini Store / Retro Games Cloud in the future.


Regardless of the subscription type you have, you won’t be able to change any files on the server.

Each customer can download only one file concurrently, at a time. All connections to the server are logged, and if we perceive any kind of abuse to the server, your account will be terminated and any monies paid for the month, will not be refunded.

If you are an AMBASSADOR with lifetime access and you are caught abusing the server, your account will be suspended for 24 hours on the first warning, 7 days on the second, and indefinitely on the third. We will not refund payments for suspended AMBASSADOR accounts, however, you are still entitled to have all current content on a external hard drive you provide.

PLEASE DON’T SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT. If we detect your account has been shared, we will terminate the account immediately, regardless of the type of access you’ve purchased, so please be warned. Don’t give away your login info to your friends or anyone outside your house. Don’t use VPN to download from our cloud or to sign-up fo rthe service. Your account is linked to your IP address, so if we detect different IP addresses being used for the same account, we will terminate it, please be warned!


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