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  • Dreamcast Plug-and-Play Collection for Windows with RetroBat


    Want a no-hassle way to just start playing Dreamcast games on your PC? Our Plug-and-play Dreamcast collection for Windows is the solution! Just plug the USB drive on your PC and start the front-end! You are ready to go!

    Includes a COMPLETE USA, Japan and Europe Dreamcast Library ready to play on the Windows PC on a 1TB external hard drive! It’s over 1000 Dreamcast titles, including all 3 regions releases, plus Indie/Homebrew titles and Atomiswave conversions for the Dreamcast.

  • RPG Arcade, Console, Computer and Handheld Collection for Windows


    Ever thought of having all classic RPGs ever made on a single place, so you can pick and choose what to play when you are in the mood for a great adventure? You’ve got it now!

    We’ve put together nearly ALL RPG games ever made for Console, Computers, Handhelds and even some few Arcade RPGs games that actually existed, and you can play them all on your Windows 10 or 11 machine through RetroBat.

    Anything since “Adventure” on the Atari 2600 to the Square Enix classics on the PlayStation, you’ll have literally THOUSANDS of gameplay time on this collection which also includes dungeon crawlers, rogue-likes, action and turn-based RPGs!