Digital Collections temporarily not being offered – UPDATE: THEY ARE BACK!

Dear Retro Mini Store fans and clients,

We are sadly announcing that we will no longer have the capacity to offer digital purchases on our website for the time being. Our partner Sharefile pulled the cord on our cloud server account because it was taking up too many resources on their system. If you have made a digital purchase for a Raspberry Pi or Flash card collection, you have until March 15 to download your purchases.

UPDATE: DIGITAL DOWNLOADS ARE BACK! Click here for more information!

Although this is not a definitive decision, and we are fighting to have the account to remain opened, but we are not keeping our hopes up.

If you purchased a Retro Games Cloud lifetime access, or a Raspberry Pi Complete Access (for all images), you’ll also have until March 15th, to download everything you can or want. If you don’t want to do it, we are also giving you the option to send us an external hard drive of any size and we will put up the content for you in there. We will pay the post office fees back to you with tracking and insurance. Get in touch with us if you’d like to make any arrangements to send us a drive to have any content you want, if you subscribed to the Retro Games Cloud.

Those issues do not affect our physical products and any pending physical orders, including hard drives, are still being prepared to be shipped and delivered.

We are going to seek another partner to keep providing digital products in the future, specially the Retro Games Cloud. If that comes to fruition, the access will be restored for those that purchased a lifetime access. Customers that have purchased a digital download for a Raspberry Pi collection unfortunately, have only until March 15 to re-download anything they want.

Although Sharefile guaranteed our clients will have access until March 15th, and will be able to download anything they want during the period, if they detect any server abuse, they may close the accounts sooner, so please keep that in mind and download only one file at a time during this period.

Please don’t refrain to ask any questions you may have. You can use our contact form to do so. Thanks again!

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