Welcome our Brand New 400Gb Retropie PlayStation Collection for the Raspberry Pi 4

We are finally unveiling our 400GB Retropie PlayStation Collection, exclusive for the Raspberry Pi 4, the collection is a welcome addition to our library, and it includes 800 PlayStation Classics, including not only USA titles, but also some of the most sought-after Japanese titles, that are playable by Eastern gamers!

You can grab your 400Gb PlayStation Retropie Collection for the Raspberry Pi 4, right here:

PlayStation 400 GB Retropie microSD Card – 800 Games Pre-loaded for Raspberry Pi 4

The collection comes with an improved version of our now famous custom PlayStation theme, with more categories, organizing the PS1 games into genres, so it’s easy for you navigate and find what you want to play among the 546 games included here! No more scrolling long lists of PS1 games in a single column on Retropie!

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