Get a Brand New USB Controller With Your Selected Retrobat Hard Drive Purchase!

Yes, a brand new USB controller to go along with our RetroBat 8TB and 16TB Hard Drives, for a limited time, purchase one of these two hard drives, and get a brand new controller (pictured above). Again, this is available for a limited time, or while the suplies last, so don’t waste anymore time and grab yours!

Grab them here:
16TB RetroBat Hard Drive

RetroBat 16TB Emulation Hard Drive for Windows – 60,000+ Titles

8TB RetroBat Hard Drive

RetroBat 8TB Emulation Hard Drive for Windows

Note for customers that purchased RetroBat Hard Drives recently: If you have not received a shipment notice for your drive yet, you can also get a free controller, just get in touch with us to claim your free controller, and we will update your order to include the controller. Valid only for drives loaded with RetroBat and Emulation Station game collections. Not valid for “library” drives.

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