Buy your collection physical, get the digital version for free!

The Retro Mini Store is finally introducing digital downloads to our inventory of products! You can now purchase the same collections that we offer on microSD and SD cards, in digital version, and have almost instant access to the best retropie and flash cart collections ever created!

With that comes a different proposal for all our clients that enjoy the physical aspect of our collections – the box art, instructions and mini microSD cases. Starting today, when you purchase any physical collection, you’ll now also have available to you both the digital version of the collection and access to all updates that this collection receives, forever! This is the perfect deal for anyone that loves our flash cart and raspberry Pi collections! You don’t have to wait for your microSD card to arrive over the mail to start enjoying your purchase! As long as you have another microSD handy at home and a PC, you can download the collection and flash it on your card and get to play almost immediately.

We are constantly updating and improving our collections. Collections such as Ultimate 128 and Supreme 400 for the Raspberry Pi are updated all the time, with new games, emulation fixes, better box art, better video previews, updates to gamelist.xml files and a lot more. Now you can get the latest version when available, and just flash on your microSD card and try the new features. Not happy? If you don’t like the new version and thinks the previous one was better, don’t sweat! We will never remove previous versions from the server, keeping an archive of versions that you can come back to anytime you want!

All that for just the price of the physical collection.

All Your Collections – One Account

When you make your first purchase, we will setup a new access account for you on our cloud server, and your access to the collection’s files that you can download. That will include all versions/builds we have for that collection on the server, the collection’s instructions and the “whatsnew.txt” file that shows you the differences between the versions available on the server.

If you decide to make another purchase, or you purchase more than one collection on your first order, instead of just getting two separate links to download your files, you’ll have access to both purchases, or both collections under the same account. This makes everything a lot more convenient for you and for us! For you because it means that you can have faster access to your purchase with just one login, and for us because we can control better how these accounts are being used.

As soon as your payment is processed on any order you make – both digital or physical with free digital – we will quickly enable your access to the folder where the collection you purchased is located so you can start downloading right away. After access is established, you’ll be contacted by e-mail, so you can login to your account and start downloading.

Better Instructions Available in Digital Format

Digital allows us to offer a better version of our physical manuals, with more controller configurations, detailed instructions in a system by system basis, and a lot more that is not possible with the physical version of the collections. Physical purchases will still have their printed manuals / quick guides inside their boxes, but they will also have a digital version that they can download (and print if they want) and keep for reference on how to use your collections at their full extent.

Access Forever, Until it Ends

For as long as our service exists, and we plan to be up for years to come, you’ll have access to your account and your purchases. This is lifetime access to these collections, with no need to make additional purchases, it will never expire. That might change if we get your account abusing the system, with simultaneous access from multiple IP addresses from multiple locations, which will mean it was shared with friends or online, so in that case, the access to the digital purchase might be terminated.

If we realize an account is being abused, it can be terminated (i.e. sharing your login credentials with friends or anyone else), since we log the IP and all devices that are accessing your account.

We will evaluate each occurrence on a case by case basis, and we will never terminate or restrict an account without considering all options first and communicate the situation with the customer that owns the infringing account. Even though we are using one of the best cloud services in the world, we must keep the service up and running for everyone, not just one account that decides to abuse the server.

The Future is Digital

We hope you enjoy this new perk, if you are a physical collection customer. We love physical media, that is why from the beginning we’ve created curated retropie collections with custom packaging that will look great on any shelf and protect your purchase at the same time. No one else offers the same product, anywhere!

However, we know the future is digital. We can offer our collections in a digital format that is not only convenient for those that want access right away to their purchase, but also help the same customers repair their collections if they get damaged or misconfigured, or even revert back to a previous version after an update that they did not like.

microSD cards have a very reduced lifetime compared to other media, so to have the possibility to re-download your purchase and flash it on a brand new card if your original card is damaged, is key to most Raspberry Pi or Flash Cart aficionados!

We hope you enjoy the new features and services we are bringing to our store! Don’t forget to let us know if you have any questions about the digital distribution and start downloading!

Don’t forget to check our “System Status Page” to know which collections are on the server already and can be downloaded immediately. We will eventually have all there pretty soon, but the larger collections (256gb and over) take a lot more time.

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